At Maine Gutter Works, we use a mix of high quality material and labor intensive practices to ensure that each gutter system we install works properly. Water can cause major damage to a home. Rain gutters protect your foundation, siding, doors, windows, roof, fascia, soffit, and decorative landscaping. It is important that they work correctly!

Seamless Gutters

We use a .032 Aluminum, 5" Cased Style Gutter for our seamless gutter systems. All of our gutters are cut on site to ensure a proper fit. Our miters are all hand cut, leaving one caulk line and leading to 2/3 less leak failures at the corner joint.

Our gutters materials come from Englert and are coated with their Castleclad, a proprietary two-coat paint system that resists dirt adhesion, is easy to clean and provides exceptional color retention. Our gutters come standard in white, but we also offer 14 attractive colors to compliment any home.

We offer a five year labor warranty, and our gutters come with a 20-year limited paint finish warranty on all our gutter materials against blistering, flaking, chipping, cracking, peeling, splitting, rotting and red rust.

Gutter Cleaning

Properly maintaining your gutters is crucial in their performance. If your gutters are not cleaned and maintained, you can run into a host of problems. All it takes is a bit of debris in your gutters before you're looking at a costly issue in terms of rotted siding or trim, or damaging your landscaping. We will work with you to come up with a cleaning schedule to ensure your gutters are operating at their highest potential year round.

Gutter Guards

If you're looking for a way to prevent debris getting into your gutters, we install GutterGuardsĀ® by Gutterglove. Installing this product means no more gutter cleaning and keeps leaves, pine needles, roof grit, rodents, and insects out of your gutters. Their stainless steel micro-mesh resists warping and rusting year after year.

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